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Friday, November 1, 2013

Video: The Utterly Depressing Downfall of the SEGA Dreamcast

As promised, here is a 'normal' video. Well, sorta. It's not filmed with my Galaxy S III for one, and not made up as I go along. It's not a review like a usual release though, but in fact a mini-doco on the downfall of the SEGA Dreamcast; a subject I've written about numerous times before.
I'm not really sure if mini-doco is the right way to explain it, but it's a video, talking about a subject for 10 minutes. So who knows, or in that case, cares? I don't. Hopefully you're indifferent too.

I'm quite happy with some of the effects and animations I've included in this video, and it's probably the video with the most effort I've put in yet. Towards the end of production I had a mammoth 5 hour long editing session. Only the best for my fans.


  1. Nice video--definitely eye-opening and entertaining. Had no idea that the kicker for PS2 was DVDs.

    1. I almost cry when i think about what could've been. *sigh*