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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Changes to the Game Room: October 2013

It's been a while since I switched up the Games Room a bit.
It was becoming sort of necessary after some recent additions. Hmmm, I just said that like I just added a few kids to my family. Well, I guess they are my children in a way, they're my babies.
Creepiness aside, yesterday I travelled to the Swedish mini-city, Ikea, and bought a cheap bookcase.
The key was to find something that was deep enough and sturdy enough to support a CRT TV and a whole heap of consoles.  As well as salmon wraps and cheap Swedish chocolate, I picked up the case in the above photo for $115. Not bad since each shelf is capable of holding 30kg, more than enough for my needs.

It's great getting all the consoles off the floor finally, after many failed attempts at trying to build my own shelf. I'm not even willing to link those posts now, it's all a bit too embarrassing.    

The next change was ridiculously simple, but a fantastic idea.

If the photo is a bit too overwhelming for you to figure out what's going on, I've sorted all my controllers into sandwich bags. Now they will no longer get tangled with each other, as well being protected from dust, water and Nazi's (probably).
I copied the idea off a post on Racketboy, where Racketboy himself published a post about his own games room.

The next upgrade will be another AV selector-box. The current one I have is fine, but there is not enough outlets. This TV has two sets of composite ports, so I'll plug another box into the second set.
From there I'm also considering a beanbag. The couch is fairly far away from the TV, which is fine for the most part, but not ideal for the consoles with short leads like the SNES. Basically, I'm sick of sitting on the floor.


  1. I have a shoe rack on my wall for the controllers I use on a regular basis. Each pocket holding a single controller. Pretty nifty, and no hassle with any bags. That shelf looks interesting, A bit too deep looking to hold books, are you sure it is a book shelf? Looks like an entertainment unit :)

    1. It probably looks like an entertainment unit because I removed the backing, so the cables can flow through. Either way, it does the intended purpose.