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Sunday, October 20, 2013


So it's Sunday evening, you're chilling, relaxing, it ain't so taxing. You open up this blog post to pursue what's happening in the world of Retro Game On. You see I bought an Atari game for my Atari ST, and it's called T-Bird. "What's a T-Bird?", you wonder. Well:
"Introducing the latest in personal transportation.
The Foourd T-Bird (r). Capable of 0-600 in 5.6 seconds and with a maximum speed of 1346mph, it is equipped with the new and revolutionary ABS (Automatic Braking System), Megagettoblast In Car Entertainment centre (500 watts per channel) and the ultimate in Anti Traffic Warden bolt-on-weaponry - Excerpt from the Foourd T-Bird Brochure."
That's cool, you may think. But what's the in-depth storyline behind this game? Does it by any chance involve drama?
"So there you were, pulling up outside your local Foourd dealer in your clapped out Laader 1000L complete with free flowing air intakes, (rust!), for a test drive. However, after taking a wrong turn, you find yourself in the middle of the local alien communities. And they are not happy about you being there!!! You must fight off the alien attacks against you using only your skill and agility (and the bolt-on-weaponry sent to you courtesy of Foourd)"
Oh. Racial undertones aside, they actually wrote up a ditty for this game. Both of those quotes were on the back of the case. Maybe a bit over the top, but they get top marks for imagination.
This game of course, is my first test game for my Atari ST. It cost me something like $3.33 on Ebay, and it's worth nearly all of those cents. It's basically a Space Harrier clone, but nowhere near as good.
Sometimes I can shoot, sometimes I can't. I can always move though. I dunno if this has to do with my Atari joystick which I also bought off Ebay recently, but either way it proves that the disk drive in the Atari ST does indeed work, which is what I was mostly worried about.

It came complete in a jewel case and a booklet advertising other cheap games (only 4.99 pounds!). The disk was also wrapped in bubble-wrap, which was a nice touch.
All in all it's nice to see that the Atari ST does fully work, which makes me feel even more proud I picked it up for a tenner. Too bad this game is a bit shite, but it's better than some other test games I've bought in the past. It has nothing to do with economics for one.

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