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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturn+ Magazine (Issue One) Gumtree Pickup

Gumtree has been receiving a lot of loving from me recently, ranging from an Atari ST to Game Gear games.
I'm really starting to find a use for this website, while I spent so long resenting it for its usual inflated prices. I found that if I search it a couple of times a week, it's easier than one may think to find that diamond in a puddle. I think me not having a drivers licence for so long hampered my interest as well. Usually Gumtree'rs don't post their items, so it's really an imperative that you can drive out to whatever bumfuck nowhere suburb the seller lives in.

Luckily for this pickup, the seller wasn't actually that far away which is always a bonus considering how far the Perth suburbs sprawl out. It's the first ever issue of the ill-fated English Sega Saturn magazine, Saturn+.
Considering only five issues were ever published and that I'm in the completely wrong continent of where it was printed, I guess you could say that it's rare. I mean, it isn't Nintendo World Championship rare, but it was rare enough that I couldn't find an auction on Ebay for it.
This rarity set me back $10, which is cheaper than most large KFC meals. The condition is quite good too, the guy who sold it to me has kept it in good knick, keeping it in a sandwich bag to make sure it's extra crispy at lunch time. He also said that he bought it himself on release, so I'm only the second owner of this magazine.  

I haven't read through the entire magazine yet, but there are some interesting tidbits to note. For example, every time the Nintendo 64 is mentioned, it's refereed to as the Ultra 64, which is of course its original name before it was released.
I also like how much I'm learning about the Sega Saturn. To be honest, the Saturn isn't a console I know a whole heap about, as my Sega fun-time rests with the Dreamcast and the Game Gear. The fact that this is the first issue means that they explain a lot of base-standard information about the console, as it was probably assumed that people who were interested in buying the console would buy the magazine to learn about it first. You have to keep in mind that this was released late 1995, before you could easily just Google it. The internet was a much simpler place back then.

Besides from the information blast though, this magazine will be great for my Retro Scan section, which hasn't seen any new magazines added to it for a long time.

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