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Monday, July 29, 2013

Retro Scan #8: Forgotten Nintendo Poster

Jeeeez, it's been a while since I've done a retro scan. Probably about time I posted another one, yes? Yes? Okay.

Do I really need to mention that if you click that image, it will become larger? Learn to internet. 

It's amazing the kind of stuff you find while cleaning out garages; be it old toys or that forgotten stash of porno music magazines, there is something for everybody. When it comes to someone like me though, I'm on the hunt for retro goodlyness. I didn't actually find any retro games or hardware (that's all accounted for as far as I know), but I did come across this poster, weirdly enough in a box full of Tazos.

Where it comes from, and how long it's been there remains unknown, but my best guess would be from a magazine or even from a friend as I didn't get a N64 until last year, and I still don't own an original Game Boy (that's what my GBC and SP are for).

Either way it will make a nice addition to my wall, and it's now immortalised on the world wide web forever, or at least until the Google servers melt when the sun explodes.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yes, I Actually Paid Money for This

Every time I create a video review, I always try and outdo the previous episodes somehow. Be that by editing, filming or just by general quality, I've set myself a goal to improve every time I make a video.
One way to improve is to basically stalk other retro gaming channels and find out what makes them click. After a while, I figured out what mine was missing; a shirt with my own logo on it.
Seems a bit wanky, I know, but this is the internet. The land of the free; void of hatred, censorship and name-calling. That of course is all sarcasm, but the point is it's the internet... I do what I want. 

From now on I'll wear this shirt in every video I make, whether you like it or not. I dunno how this blogpost turned into a speech about free rights, but whatever. At the end of the day, isn't that the whole point?

Random (and pointless) ranting aside, I bought this shirt from an Australian website called makeyourownshirt.com.au. The interface to integrate your own designs is quite well made, and the prices aren't ridiculous either. I dunno if they ship internationally or not, but at the end of the day there are millions of these sites on the net. I'm sure you can find one that ships locally so you can look wanky in your videos too.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


WOOOAAHHHH-HEYYYY can you believe it? It's been over two years since I started this blog! 100 posts! It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago; 100 posts earlier than this one, I started all these shenanigans. I remember walking all the way down to the post office, which was about a half an hour trek on a bush trail to pick up my Dreamcast. Quite a bit off effort really, but I was determined.
Not much later I joined the Racket Boy forums and noticed people were blogging about this amazing hobby. Since I've had prior blogging experience I decided to give it a crack. I dunno if too many people actually started their blog when they started collecting, but either way it's been a lot of fun documenting my journey so far.

Since one hundred is such a special number and all, I decided to have a little party...

Awww, a muffin! You guys shouldn't have!

 Mmmmm.... fire... delicious. 

Too delicious, it seems.

Mingling and general good times.

After a while the party got a bit out of hard, and the bastards drank all my beer! 

The PS2 and the Dreamcast put their differences a side and took a drunk selfie together. 

Thanks for viewing my blog and watching my videos, guys! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Banjo-Kazooie in a Thrift Store for Under $40? Tell 'Em They're Dreaming

The other day they let me loose early from work (which sorta resembled an animal being released back into the wild) so I thought I would take my Retromobile for a bit of a spin, and see if I could catch any game.
My predictor instincts were heightened as I roamed the barren, stormy streets; it was me against every soccer Mum and their Pajero as I hopped from thrift store to thrift store (it was about 3PM, end of the school day).
Actually, I only went to two. But, the second-time around I scrounged up this for $15:

For reasons unknown to me, this is always insanely expensive in thrift stores alike. Maybe it's the demand that drives the price up, either way there is not one N64 game out there worth that much.
The funny thing is, I think this particular store where I bought this copy was guilty of those prices at one point as well. I'm not sure if it was this exact copy that use to be so expensive, but when I bought it the lady emphasised the fact that there was a 48 hour return policy. It wasn't in the best of condition when I bought it so I bet someone else had already tried it, claimed it didn't work, which resulted in it getting resold at a huge discount.

The contacts were filthy; so filthy in fact that I thought some contacts were actually missing, but it turns out it was just filth. I was so disgusted that I nearly took a photo of it, but I wouldn't want my loyal reader base projectile vomiting all over their keyboards (or screens).
The good news though, is that after quite a lot of cleaning with q-tips and alcohol, the game is running at full steam. I didn't even bother trying it beforehand for fear of it dirtying up the contacts in the N64.

I haven't played too much yet, but there is already a 25 hour long game save. It's amazing to think that someone, somewhere put so much time into this game only to sell it off to a thrift store for (probably) a pittance. Quite sad really, but I guess that's where I come in to give the game some new loving. That's just what I do.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Video: Virtua Tennis for the Sega Dreamcast Review

I like how I'm actually semi-regularly creating game reviews at the moment, it really makes me feel productive. At the moment I'm averaging a video a month, and I would like to double that as making them is a blast. I don't even really care that no one watches them.

This is of course a video review for Virtua Tennis, which is on the ever-so-humble Dreamcast. Check it out, yo.