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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


WOOOAAHHHH-HEYYYY can you believe it? It's been over two years since I started this blog! 100 posts! It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago; 100 posts earlier than this one, I started all these shenanigans. I remember walking all the way down to the post office, which was about a half an hour trek on a bush trail to pick up my Dreamcast. Quite a bit off effort really, but I was determined.
Not much later I joined the Racket Boy forums and noticed people were blogging about this amazing hobby. Since I've had prior blogging experience I decided to give it a crack. I dunno if too many people actually started their blog when they started collecting, but either way it's been a lot of fun documenting my journey so far.

Since one hundred is such a special number and all, I decided to have a little party...

Awww, a muffin! You guys shouldn't have!

 Mmmmm.... fire... delicious. 

Too delicious, it seems.

Mingling and general good times.

After a while the party got a bit out of hard, and the bastards drank all my beer! 

The PS2 and the Dreamcast put their differences a side and took a drunk selfie together. 

Thanks for viewing my blog and watching my videos, guys! 


  1. Wait a moment...did you really put in the time and effort to waste bottles of beer and balloons just so you could celebrate your 100th post with your consoles?!?!?

    You sir, are the MAN. *worships*

    1. Why thank you. Most people look down on my deviant lifestyle.