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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jet Set Radio Hoody

Maybe I have no life, or maybe I have TOO much of a life, but either way I have just become into possession of a Jet Set Radio hoody. That is cool, you might smirk. But be informed; only 299 other hoodies  exist like this one.
People by now might be thinking I'm some sort of JSR collecting weird'o, but I achieved to obtain this by sheer luck (and I'm not a cent poorer because of it). So how much did it cost? Nilch. For those of you who aren't into weird, obscure Australian words like I am, that means absolutely zero. I won the hoody in a competition on IGN. It was one where they asked a question and the best 10 answers won. The question was; "what city you'd like to see Jet Set Radio take place in?" Out of 1820 answers, I managed to win. A lot of the answers seemed to be the same cities (ie New York or Japan) so it was just a case of picking something that wasn't already mentioned. I went with Doha, as it's probably the strangest, yet coolest looking city I've ever seen. If you don't know what the skyline looks like, here is a terrible picture I took of it last year from the airport while in a layover:

Sorry about the quality, but in my defence I was quite jet lagged :P 
 Now THAT would be an awesome city to skate around, stick it to the man and listen to some early 2000's dance/techno music in. Certainly a lot better than putting Perth as my answer.

Also side note; pictures are up from my Trip 35 on my other blog.