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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Vanamo Online Game Museum, for all your Vanamo Online Gaming Museum Needs

Evan Amos is living the dream, and I'm incredibly jealous.
In a potential win for the internet and the retro gaming community alike, Amos has just started a very compelling Kickstarter. In his Kickstarter, Amos is attempting to raise $8500 to buy console hardware (old and new) to archive it for people from the future (in the future).
Amos is a photographer, and a lot of the high quality free to use images you see on Wikipedia are his own doing. He wants to one-up himself though using that money to increase his collection, and take more free, juicy photos so broke bloggers like me don't have to worry about copyright. He also wants to compile it in a way so there is plenty of information accompanying the photos.
Here is a small ditty of what he has to say:
"The goal of this Kickstarter is to improve the quality of images and information about video game systems one finds on the internet. The funds will go toward building a physical archive and collection of hardware that, in turn, becomes an online gallery of high quality pictures - a virtual museum."

 Personally, I'm quite jealous I didn't think of this first. I'm into photography... and games. Pls give me money for the greater good of retro gaming information on the internet.... anyone?

Ah well, I guess I'll just have to make do. This is an excellent idea in my opinion. As of writing it still has 24 days to go and he's already raised over $1500, so colour me impressed. At that rate he'll make the pledge for sure. Check it out here.

[Kickstarter via Kotaku]

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