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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HUGE PS2 Collection Boost

Look at that photo, look at it finely. Notice how in the title, 'huge' is spelt in capitals? That's because it was huge. Quite literally, huge.
All the games stacked horizontally are from my latest catch, while all the vertically stacked ones were from my prior collection. I just about doubled the amount of PS2 games I own, all for $50 too.
How I came into possession of this whole collection is a cool story in its self. Basically, I posted a status to Facebook. Instead of explaining what I said though, I mind as well just write it here:
"Hey, you! Yes, you there!
Do you like gaming? Have you liked gaming for a long time? Have lots of old games you don't want any more, but want to send them to a loving home? I'm your man. I'll buy them off you for a reasonable price and give them the love and respect they deserve.
As most of you know by now, I run a website and YouTube channel about retro gaming, and I'm always after affordable, awesome games to review and post about on my website. I'm NOT the type of person who will resell these at overinflated prices on eBay. I'm a collector by heart, and will take care of them and treat them well for many years to come. In fact, I've only ever sold one game in my life, and that was to [name subtracted]. A long time ago too, I love to hoard."
I received numerous messages from Facebook friends offering me to buy their games, and this was the first lot off a guy a went to high school with. Facebook may be a data mining, advert ridden, whinge-fest hole, but by damn, does it have its uses. It's even home to a page for this blog! Check it out here for updates on this blog and my YouTube channel.
Hehehe, I'll stop plugging myself now.

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