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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fun & Games with the SEGA Mega Drive

This blog has been outputting a lot of SEGA lovin' recently. The last two videos were SEGA related with a mini-doco called The Utterly Depressing Downfall of the SEGA Dreamcast released on Wednesday (hopefully the title should be descriptive enough for you) and a spontaneous vlog which I released last week detailing my exploits of picking up a ridiculously cheap Mega Drive.

A lot of people seem to hate the concepts of vlogs so if you don't want to watch it, I'll cut to the chase. It was quite cheap because it came with no cables, games or controllers whatsoever. It was listed as working and I've had good experience with the seller before, so I jumped for it.

I already have a controller (which I bought to test my Atari 2600 Jr. many moons ago) and I could use the coax to RCA cable which I use for my Atari ST. In the vlog I bought some cheap test games, so all I was missing was a power cable. Which was really, the most necessary part to test it.
I was hoping I would have some sort of universal adapter which would work laying around, but sadly SEGA seemed to be having a laugh when they designed it meaning I had to buy one on eBay.

Finally it arrived the other day though, and I can happily confirm that the console does indeed work. Not bad for a short drive and $20.
The two test games were fairly standard issue: Columns and Flicky. Columns is basically a Tetris clone, with some twists, while Flicky is an arcade game where you play this bird saving your chicks from house cats. Also I should note, some of those chicks are fearing Ray-Bans... so yeah.

Playing through RCA is not too bad, but it's a bit grainy and the colours are noticeable a bit fainter than they should ideally be, so I have a composite cable coming in the mail. Also, my shitty eBay USB capturing device doesn't agree with coax, even when it's plugged through a VCR, so hopefully when the cable arrives I can capture footage and hopefully get some reviews out. Otherwise, everyone is totally aloud to buy me a Elgato Game Capture HD for Christmas.  

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