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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Updates to the Games Room: Part 2

I just enjoy writing about rooms so much that I've decided to write another post about my games room, or more importantly changes I've made since my last post. In the last post (there was also an out of synch vlog) I detailed some things I wanted to change immediately, and for once I actually did those things immediately

First off was getting the AV switching system up to scratch. Not only didn't I have enough ports before to easily switch between all my consoles, but nothing was labelled. This led to mass confusion and hysteria as I tried to smoothly switch between my consoles as all damn composite cables look the same.
This was remedied by buying an extra AV switcher, and writing what each port corresponds to on that writey-sticky tapey stuff.
It's amazing how such a low cost solution (edit: no cost solution) can transform and simplify the whole situation. It's not the prettiest however, but I don't own a proper labeller, and I don't plan on buying one just for this.
It's not the end of my woes however, as my Super Famicom still misses out on a switch and there is no growing room. For now though, I can easily just use the SNES's cable when need be because they share the same connection.

The coolest change though, and comfiest is this beanbag!
A bean bag has been on the back of my mind for a while now, pretty much since I received my SNES. SNES's and other consoles of that era are great, but the lengths of the controllers are always so damn short. A beanbag means I can sit on the floor, but not really sit on the floor. It's great!
I've found I'm using it for other consoles too, even ones with long enough cord to reach the couch. It's just that comfy, and nothing beats leaning back in it with a beer after a shitty day.

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