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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Additions to the Film Studio: The Blue Yeti Microphone

Bam! Quality increase!
I love quality, it's one thing I'm absolutely obsessed with. Be it the presentation of this blog, how the blog is written or even the photos within this blog, I'm always after ways to make everything (for a lack of a better word) good. I like... good.
The same applies to my videos. I've been creating videos consistently for a year now. If you watch my first ever review that was part of a consistent release pattern, Super Strike Eagle for the SNES and compare it to something like my latest video, WRC Arcade of the PSone, you'll (hopefully) see how much better I've got at making them. This is because every time I created a video and watched it back, I picked out a few things that needed improving. This happened every time I created a video, and along with critique from fellow viewers, my videos have evolved into what they are today. The thing is though, that is still happening. With every release, I change something. Even if it's small.

The last major 'upgrade' was overhauling my lighting setup, which was in December. Since then, the thing that's been bothering me the most is the audio quality of the voice recordings. The voice recordings are a lot more prominent than they use to be, so it was time to upgrade. Before, I was using my cheap add-on microphone that attached to my DSLR. That does the job okay, but honestly I wouldn't mind replacing that too. An audio only microphone takes priority though, so last week I bought a Blue Yeti.

After extensive research, the Yeti came out on top. Blue have always been known for their quality microphones, but this one stands out as it's quite cheap (at about $150). This microphone is perfect for my needs as it has a built in analogue to digital converter (plugging in by a single USB port) and a headphone port so you can monitor your recording in real time (otherwise known as zero-latency monitoring).

I've played around with it a bit since it arrived today, and I'm very happy with it so far. It will be used as soon as my next video.

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