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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Yes, you read that right! Labels! Not the kind you see to your left either which helpfully let you pursue all this blogs posts by category either. No, this post is about actual labels. Insane, I know.
Last month you may remember that I wrote about general updates to my games room. In that, you can see how I've labelled the switchboards with writeable tape. This was functional since guessing what each button responds too is about as fun as poking your eyeballs with ballpoint pens, but it wasn't the best looker. No matter how neat I tried to write, it looked mediocre at best.

I'd been meaning to purchase an electronic labeller for a while, but the general price has been putting me off. Usually they're about $50, which isn't a whole lot of money, but more than what I want to invest in such an item. I was in my friendly neighbourhood Coles supermarket the other day (which is coming a supermarket less and less, it now even has a clothes section) while looking for Blu-Tac of all things, and I came across a Dymo labeller for $25. Half price! Ohhh yeah. I never found the Blu-tac, but I went straight to town in re-labelling my switching system.  

Fresh as fudgggeee. Look how professional it looks!
I realise this post might be a bit pointless, but I needed to emphasise the fact how good a simple change can look.

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