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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updates to the Film Set: New Lighting

Heh, film set. What a funny way to say it. It may not be up to a Hollywood's or even a top-grade YouTube personalties standard, but it's getting there. You may have read before, if you were paying attention, that my lighting set-up was if anything, ghetto. It was definitely better than no lighting at all, but I was winging it. It consisted of a Target bought floor lamp, and a reading lamp on a bookshelf, both pointing at me from left and right directions as I recorded my videos. It was basic for sure, but it got the job done even if the lighting consistency was off and the colour balance was something to be desired.

I don't know if it was me reaching 150 subscribers on YouTube, or me putting off servicing my car for another paycheck, but last week I decided to take the plunge and purchase some proper lighting. I'm really glad I did too.
For one, it's not all that expensive. $70 bought me a kit that comprises of two stands, two globe holders, two globes and two softboxes.
The image quality improvement is immediately apparent, like some wizard has done something... wizard-like. The lighting is now way more consistent, the colour balance becomes awesome and now because of the softboxes I don't have to stare into those damn bulbs, which burn the shit out of my retinas.
The best part is how much brighter they are. Before I would have to have an ISO of about about 1600 on my DSLR set to make the lighting watchable, but with the new lighting only has to be around 200. This means that the picture is way less grainer, and more natural looking.

The only issues I have so far is that after one day, one of the bulbs blew. Not a mayor issues since the seller said that they would send me a replacement gratis, but now I have to wait for that to arrive for my next video review. No way in hell can I go back to my old ways now.  

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