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Friday, April 4, 2014

YouTube Channel Update 04/04/2014

My YouTube channel has received more subscribers this week than the whole of last month. It's because of this, that I've decided to give it some lovin'. Some sweet, sweet lovin'.

The channel is now actually called 'Retro Game On'
It's hard to believe if you've never checked, but up until today the channel wasn't actually named Retro Game On, but was actually my real-life name. This is because of all the Google+ backpain that YouTube introduced, meaning that my channel went from its original name (Brik Productions) to my actual name without my consent. It connected it to my Google+ profile, which as far as I remember, was graciously created by Google+ too without asking me.
It was was only after a hell of a lot of Googling that I found a page where you can request to change your YouTube profile from one Google+ account to another. I created a page for Retro Game On, so now when subscribers see my videos in their feed, it actually comes up as posted by Retro Game On. Not some random dude named Brendan.
The request page, if you're after it, is located here.

Channel Trailer
YouTube had been bugging me for a while to create one, so I gave in the other day.
It's quite short, clocking in at under 45 seconds, but I guess that's probably ideal. You don't want your potential audience getting bored from a channels advert. That's not a good start at all. It does autoplay, which I'm not sure I like, but if you subscribe it will disappear forever.
Ultimately, it was a great way to waste an hour and procrastinate homework.

I probably should of done this months ago, but I spent the five minutes fulfilling the deed a couple of nights ago. The playlists consist of Reviews, Feature/Other, Instructional Repair Videos, Let's Take A Look At and Vlogs.
So yeah, if you've ever wanted to have an easy binge of Retro Game On, it's now possible with the help of playlists.

Channel Art
Unfortunately YouTube doesn't give you as much freedom with how your channel looks like it use to. These days, you can only change the 'timeline' photo (for lack of better description). I made a 'lil something up for that the other day as it just had a photo of Starfox before. It says Retro Game On in it, so I guess it fulfils its useful purpose.
Too bad I can't edit the background though, I would love to insert some woodgrain like this blog has. But alas, I'm stuck with pure white.

To check out the channel, click on this lot of words.

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