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Monday, April 21, 2014

Fear & Loathing in Geraldton

I headed up north this Long Easter Weekend to see relatives, drink fine beer and check out op shops and pawn shops. Hunting around was a little bit harder than usual considering it was a holiday period, but I managed to filtrate a few op-shops in town on the Saturday before they closed up at mid-day.
The first place I checked out was a Red Cross, where everything was half price. Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot gaming wise to make use of the discount, but I did pick up a Zoo Tycoon pack (including three titles from the series) for a dollar. It was suppose to be 50 cents because of the sale, but I'm not a monster. I paid the whole dollar.  
After that I went to a Good Sammy's that was also pretty devoid of gaming related items except for a Finding Nemo PC game for $3. It was developed by Disney Interactive who developed some games I loved in my childhood, so I thought I would give it a shot. All the text on the case is in a middle eastern language though, so it's up for debate whether the game is actually in English or not. I know the story well though, so eh. I'm sure I'll manage. 

The real bargain of the day though, is this:

I went to an Op Shop that is actually at the local tip. Instead of throwing items away, you can instead leave them at the Op-Shop. Great idea really, not like anyone actually wants to trawl through a tip looking for treasure.

The only real downer is how everything is arranged, as in, it's not. Everything is crammed into this shed and it really takes a while to sort through things. Although, this wall of DVD and VHS players was fairly groovy:

Not a 3DO in sight
After fending off flies for a good twenty minutes, I came to the counter with a fat PS2, two PS2 games (WRC 2 and Enter the Matrix) and finally another Xbox controller (including the break off bit). Grand total? $12. No, that is not a typo. The nice lady even let me turn it on before purchasing. 
Hardly anything is labelled, so she just looked at all this 'junk' I had brought up to counter and presumably made a price up on the spot. That, is something I've very okay with.

The PS2 does boot up, yes, and controllers seem to work with it. I haven't been able to play anything yet though as the drive is quite temperamental. It's currently stuck open, so it will need some TLC and the consoles case needs a bit of a clean-up in general. I'll get onto it later though, hopefully the laser is still functional.

After I hopefully get it working to full potential, I might do something naughty like install HD Loader. I also feel it would be cool to use in a LAN since I have my slimline too. 

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