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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Japanese Gumtree Lot

Gumtree is fantastic. Gumtree is life.
That's of course if you can find a good deal, that is. Gumtree is a minefield; a hostile landscape full of rip-off games for sale and free desks. If you can navigate this dangerous terrain, the rewards are amazing.
I was rewarded again a couple of days ago, when I came across all these Japanese games:

These were two different listings, but by the same seller. It seemed that they'd been there a while, which is no surprise since this is Perth. I can't imagine there would be too many people collecting Japanese retro games (or collecting retro games at all).
The five Dreamcast games were $20, and $15 for the three Famicom games.
I was especially happy with the Dreamcast games, as they're a huge pain in the arse to find locally in this country. Over that, I can now say I own Shenmue in English AND Japanese. Why not eh? The voice acting is terrible non the less.
"But Mr Retro Game On man", you cry, 'you don't have a Japanese Dreamcast." To that I say, well, cough. Geolocking should be a crime. Just saying.

What I do own, however, is a Famicom. A Famicom that was quite underplayed I must add since I only owned two games. Tetris is fun, I guess, but it's not nothing in comparison to a Japanese economics game.
Super Mario Bros and Gradius work fine, but the Karate(?) game displays a perfectly blue screen. Since I'm certain the game is about karate, and not a sky simulator, I'll need to put some work into it. I'll give it a clean sooner or later.

After picking up those games, I checked out some op shops and a pawn store in the same area:

The op shops were empty, but I did score those complete PS2 games for three bucks each. Seriously, I'll never get bored paying that price for PS2 games. 

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