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Thursday, August 25, 2011


It finally arrived! What can I say about it? Well, what can't I say about it? It's simply amazing.
Australian Post where I live is so slow, everyday it didn't come a little of me died on the inside. The day it did come though, what a day. I stopped everything and I just played. I've been wanting this game since I got my Dreamcast a while back but just never happened across it in the wild. I finally gave in and bought it off eBay a few weeks ago.

The copy I got was in fairly excellent condition. It came in its cardboard case, the instruction manual was present as well as another promotional brochure. The disks are in great condition also, there are no scratches or marks. There are some scuffs on the cardboard box though, but this doesn't matter. It certainly doesn't effect anything. 
For anyone not in the know, Shenmue is based in a small seaside Japanese town at the end of 1986. You take control of a teenager named Ryo, who witnesses his father (who is a martial arts instructor) getting murdered for some sort of mirror he owns at the start. From then onwards you vow to revenge his death and find out more about this mysterious mirror. 
The game is set out in a 3D RPG manner. You walk around this huge sandbox environment (which is immensely detailed) and try to solve the death. Ryo himself is quite good at martial arts and you can fight as him during certain parts of the game. It's all pretty much what Heavy Rain tried to be, in my opinion anyway.

I haven't finished yet, but when I do you can guarantee a review. I must be off now though, because I'm only up to the second disk :D


  1. I know it's belated, but congrats on picking up Shenmue. To this day it's still one of my most-treasured titles in my collection. Such a tragedy that the story was never finished :(

  2. Every known and again rumours pop up for a third, hopefully it will be done some day. I actually read somewhere that it's suppose to be eleven parts lol, but I'm sure the fans would be contempt with just a third, just to finish off the story.
    I have to track down the second one now so I can be as pissed of as the rest of the fans!