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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's Talk About Dreams...

No, I haven't turned batshit crazy. This isn't going to turn into a blog were I rant and rave about my dreams, that would probably disturb most and send a select few of you insane. No, coincidently this dream was retro related.
So there I was having the best sleep of my life, and next thing I know I'm in Perth's first fully retro gaming store (besides from that shitty Gametrader's). Keep in mind as you read this, Perth doesn't exactly have the best retro game scene. It does have a truffle festival, but no retro shops.
So anyway, as you can imagine I'm over the fricken moon. I go there and find it's more than you're average retro game shop. It also incorporates an arcade and a LAN section. 
It's great, I buy a $20 boxed Neo Geo.

Now while some elements of this dream are pure bullshit *cough*Neo Geo*cough*, some actually seem like decent ideas.
This shop also mixed newer second-hand games as well as the retro stuff. Mix that with an arcade (Perth is in short demand of those as well) and a LAN section, I feel if handled rightly this could be an awesome shop.
One I would love to run actually. But what do I know about running a shop? 
Well, I did get a B in Small Business in year 10. I wouldn't trust that though, I sold these rank jelly cup things that actually made people sick. Heh...

So as it stands though, it is what it is. A dream. Maybe one day, but not any day soon.

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