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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Retro Scan: Army Men: Operation Meltdown (PS1, 3DO)

Scanned out of the Official Australian PlayStation Magazine, issue 38, October 2000.
I find this one particularly interesting because it was also released for the 3DO, those things are awesome. 
As soon as I have some spare money and a step down transformer I'm importing one. I have a space in my heart for the more off the beaten track consoles. 

Also happy 10 month anniversary to my lovely girlfriend, Jayne! :D


  1. I keep on thinking about grabbing a 3DO... but I think I've maxed out my space for consoles setup on my retro gaming setup. Have also thought about getting a Jaguar too, but space is still an issue.

    So I've decided at this stage to put the money towards more old games instead :)

    Good luck in the 3DO hunt!

  2. Thanks, probably won't be for a while though. Money doesn't like to come my way that often.