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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is $4 Too Much For An Xbox Game?

My PS2 collection is getting absolutely ridiculous.
A year ago the then 20 or so PS2 games sat in a neat little row. They shared a section of the bookcase next to my consoles with all my handheld games. Everything was sunshine, happiness and pearls.
Fast forward twelve months and it's all developed into chaos; my PS2 collection has more than doubled to 48 games. All the handheld games (which have in their own right grown in size) have been moved to a different section of the bookcase that use to be full of, you know, books.
The only other platform that squeezes into that section of games are from the original Xbox. My rational for that is because they're from the same generation, and the game cases are the same size. It's all a bit in vane though, my Xbox collection only consists of six titles.

The reason for that? The price difference. I've mentioned the subject a few times on this blog before but PS2 games are laughably cheap right now. I don't know if it has to do with the PS3 dropping in price or the release of the PS4 placing the humble PS2 now two generations behind, but it's not out of the ordinary to pay $2 or $3 per game, even a single dollar if it's a shitty sports game.
This has boomed that collection, but the prices of the Xbox are not consistent at all. I've actually been having a really hard time finding them decently priced, with most places charging $7 or $8 per title.
Yesterday I was in a pawn shop and all Xbox games were $4 each, which is better but still made me groan a bit. This is the absolute best of the best at the moment, why aren't they the same price as the PS2 games? They are in the same generation after all.

It would appear the root of the problem simply comes from availability. The PS2 was both released before and discontinued after the Xbox. The Xbox sold over 24 million units, which is nothing to poke a stick at, but it's nothing but dwarfed by the PS2 sales figure, over 155 million. And no, that is not a typo. One hundred and fifty five million for all you cheque writers out there.
My mouth actually dropped a little when I read that, and I think a fly flew in. I knew it was the best selling console of all time, but shit, that just blows my mind a wee-little bit.

No shit there is no more PS2 games out there and at better prices, the reason they're cheap is because there is so damn many of them.
Is $4 too much for an Xbox game? Some might argue that's too much for any retro game, and sometimes I agree, but next time I'm out hunting for Xbox, I know for one that I will be considering the prices a little bit more.


  1. Depending on the game, $4 is as cheap as chips...Literally. I have watched your blog grow over the years. Keep up the good work. I don't use any of the comment services your offer so I have to post as anonymous. but my name is John Diamond from New York. Cheers!

    1. Hey John! Thanks for the comment and continued support over the last couple of years.
      I guess $4 will buy you a pack of chips, maybe even more. Over the years though I've found I've gotten cheaper and cheaper in the endeavor for a good deal. It just never ends.

  2. $4 is great! Here in Adelaide I can never seem to find any good deals at all. I don't collect xbox yet though, hoping to get on board soon!

    1. Once you dip into the $2 game cookie jar, you'll just want more and more. It becomes addicting.
      I've had good experience with the Xbox so far, so I could easily recommend it. I found mine for $30 from a Good Sammy's :D I never had one as a kid you see, so everything is new to me.

  3. Yeah I never had an xbox either so it will be fun. My friend is going to give me one with a few games apparently though so just hanging out for that. But yeah I know what you mean about dipping into the 2 dollar pool, games in Japan are so much cheaper and ive been going there every year for the last few years. I usually buy famicom games in sets of 4 for about 2-3 dollars for a whole set, then shipping kicks in...