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Saturday, December 3, 2011

You Win Some, You loose Some

This morning I went to my first local swap meet since I went to the one in Neuvic, France; which was a little bit more than amazing. Of course after that experience, my expectations were a little high.
I turned up to this local one at about 8am, to find only about 25 stalls. Sadly most of which were selling 80's romance novels and pot plants.
I didn't take a picture of this kinda sad looking scene, as my under-slept self forgot the camera and my soon to be replaced brick phone's camera is just plain stupid. You're not missing out on much though, it was just a bunch of disappointed looking locals such as myself aimlessly wondering around a carpark.. The only thing I snagged was this copy of Hogs of War on PS1 for $1:

Not bad at all, but I don't know if its worth waking up on a Sunday morning at 7am for.
I should mention that they're usually are better swap meets close to me, but just this particular one sucked. I guess you win some, and you loose some. The only other game related goodies I saw was a PlayStation 1 (which I already own three of) and various games for Xbox, but no actual Xbox's to go with them.
After that I decided to visit some garage sales but again, no luck. All I saw was a mid nineties video camera for $30. I guess some people are just too damn optimistic, I don't think I would have paid ten.

Anyway, I got home to find that Hogs of War doesn't work. So I guess I didn't really achieve anything today bar a spare case and a new frisbee. I'm not complaining though as I guess that is the whole fun of searching for treasures in the wild, you got to have patience. Some days are great, like Neuvic, and others just suck, like today. Ah well, the journey continues. 


  1. You have to be really lucky with car boot sales/flea markets/ 'swap meets'. I've been to many in my time and I can only remember one time when I actually hit the jackpot and walked away with a car boot full of very good retro games for about £40.

    To answer your question about the Netherlands, yes I still go to them here, but you always have to pay a euro or two to get in, and mostly the only things that are sold are old clothes, fake DVDs and children's toys.

    The search goes on.

  2. Ah yes, I had to pay $2 to get into mine to buy a $1 game that didn't work >.<
    It did go towards the local Scout organisation though as they're the ones who were hosting it, so at least it went somewhere decent. This would also explain why it was kinda small, the local council holds one every couple of months and they're usually huge! Probably the same crap being sold, but in larger quantities so I guess there is more chance of finding something decent.