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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Post of 2011... EVER

Bit of a dramatic title I know, but it's true I guess.
This (by my Australian watch) will be the last post for this year, as in about 12 hours it will be 2012. I would make a post closer to the minute, but to be perfectly honest with you I'll probably be quite drunk.

Anything new in my retro world? Unfortunately not much, as I'm currently in saving mode for a new computer. I did pick this up from Target for $30 but:

It's awesome. It has heaps of great games on it and the ones I've played so far work quite well with the PS3 pad. It's way better than a SEGA Classics Collection for PS2 I picked up while I was in France. I didn't even bother posting about it since it was so terrible, it tried to replace all the graphics with the new gen at the time. *shudders*

You may or may not be wondering why there was no Christmas post. If it's one thing I hate, it's Xmas. It's kind of a irrational hate, but I just think it's kinda silly. Plus working in retail will make it enrage you even if you were the most firm of believers originally.

My poor games room, it's been transformed into an all you want jolly fest.
Lets have a look back at this last year of retro blogging.
It all started back in April where I introduced myself. Looking back my collection was quite small compared to what it is now. Of course it's still is pretty small now, but I reckon it's about tripled in size since then.
Other highlights of the year include my trip to France (here, here and le here), starting the retro scan posts (which is still pretty much the only regular section), trying to fix 20 year old electronics and failing, fixing various controllers and succeeding and plenty of other content.
Since I've started I've blogged 53 posts (including this one) over eight months. Not bad at all in my opinion, especially since I neglected to post anything in November. Sorry November.
Here is to another year of retro gaming and blogging, plus many more to come. Have a happy new year!

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