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Friday, December 23, 2011

And the Super Famicom Collection Begins...

Closer to the start of this month, I happily blogged about a huge cache of retro consoles I scored for free. The only thing that I wasn't sure about was if any of them worked, as I didn't have any games.
Shortly after I scored that lot, I went to Ebay and bought Gradius 3. Being that this was in Japan it only just arrived the other day. It was an exciting moment as I put it in the SF for the first time and clicked the button, but all my hopes and dreams went down the toilet when all I got in return was a blank screen.
This didn't last long though as I was half expecting it. You gotta have a glass half full mindset when playing around with 20 year old plus technology. 
I went straight to Google and it gave me an answer almost immediately, a simple one as well; clean the contacts on the game.
No matter how many forum posts I read about the subject, this is the solution that came up the most. Since it was something I could try straight away, I went straight to it.
I found some q-tips, and the bottle of rubbing alcohol I tried to fix my Game Gear with. I simply put some of the rubbing alcohol on the q-tip, making sure it wasn't running, and stroked the contacts a few times. By the time I was finished both q-tips I used were completely black, it didn't look like it at first but they must of been mighty dirty. After that I tried to play it again, the magic started:

As you can see, I need a power converter just to turn it on.

This in it's self is retro, it has a production date on the back of it from 1966. 
It's amazing what a bit of cleaning can do. At first I thought I had a dud, but thanks to the internet I can rest easy. 
The game it's self is awesome. It's my first shoot 'em up, and I suck at it. But I plan to play it until I'm a pro as it's fun, because I wouldn't be a very good retro collector if I didn't enjoy the games.

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