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Sunday, December 11, 2011

$50,000 Xmas Present For Your Retro Gamer Nerd Friend

The famously rare NES game, Stadium Events has popped up again on the web, this time factory sealed.
This is of course the NTSC version, which unlike the PAL version is extremely rare. Even more so that it's still factory sealed, there is supposedly only one other fully sealed copy out there, and only about 200 copies in all.

Would you buy this? If I had the spare money I would think about it. Not for the bragging rights to have one of the most rarest games ever, but for the investment. Also it would make a pretty damn good blog post.
Copies of this game are only going to go up in value as time moves on, especially for a factory sealed one. You would have to be careful though as it might be the big thing for now and the foreseeable future, but in ten years time, no one might give a crap. Then you would be stuck with a 50 grand, 30 year old piece of plastic. 


  1. woooow! im speechless . one thing sure , the seller and the buyer (if ever this one gets a done deal) will hit the papers!

  2. Yeah, you gotta wonder if someone will actually ever pay for it. I'm mean sure it's cool, but for 50k?
    Who knows.