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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How My Retro Love Started

Like all good stories, this one started off with a Nintendo 64 controller imitation.
It was Christmas 1999, or was it 2000? I'm not sure, doesn't really matter. What does matter is that Christmas I got my best present yet. A games console. As a 6 or 7 year old male this is probably the best thing you can get besides from a rocket launcher.
It wasn't a known console though. The big guns of the day included the likes of the PlayStation 1, the Nintendo 64 and the Dreamcast, this was called the 'The Super x88.'
What it was, was 88 retro games bundled into one controller that could plug into your TV via AV cables. 
Considering this would be the only type of gaming device I would get for a while, I played this a lot. Its what I blame for my retro gaming addiction, which I'm glad for.

I still have it, and it still works. Although the AV cables are a bit dodge these days but that's a problem that can be easily fixed with a replacements.
Along with the main controller it also came with a secondary controller and a light gun. The light gun is, and has always been next to useless. The second controller is a great addition though as many of the games have mulitplayer. I have many a fond memory of playing this with various people.

It should also be noted that the secondary controller has fake back triggers. Classy.
Duck Hunt! Also note my old style TV. I only use this tellie for retro gaming which I consider fitting.
I found absolutely nil on this thing while searching around the internet. Google Image search's actually came up with porn. Typical internet.

I think from that its safe to presume that the amount of these sold were very minimal. One would even go so far to say that its rare, but I doubt anyone would care or pay a huge price for it. In the end its just another Nintendo 64 controller look a like that plays old games. You see plenty of these around.
This particular one has a huge nostalgic appeal to me though. I have plenty of childhood memories of me playing this and I owe it to my retro gaming love.

There are heaps of great games on this thing. I'm not going to bore you by listing them all, but here are some of the ones I played the most:

Super Contra

F1 Race. This one was particularly awesome for 2 player.

Dig Dug
So yeah, that's my heart warming story for today.
I still pull this thing out every now and again, its just as fun as the day I received it.


  1. I seem to have something similiar. The biggest difference seems to be that mine looked different and didnt have the gun. Mine also was from the year 2003. Counting those out, they seem identical. I just wanna find out what i actually have...

    1. It seems there were a lot of variations floating around that played the same games in that era. They were sold mostly in markets or the little stalls you find in shopping malls.