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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Crap I Found

I was recently cleaning up the leaning tower of PC disks next to my computer (been there and building for three computers!) and I came across some old crap. Among the millions of scratched up burnt CD-R's (all with legal stuff on it of course) I found some stuff you could probably classify as Retro. Not necessarily gold mine stuff, but I guess it could be rare (LOL). I'm still laughing at the name of 'Future Sports...'

Sorry in advance for the crappyness of the pictures by the way. I should of made use of that big fucking thing in the sky called the Sun, but instead I choose to take the pictures inside when it was dark out. I couldn't use the flash either because that just gave it huge glare, so focusing the pictures was painful. 

Lets start off with Future Sports (hahahahahahaha).
"Overflow with 600 megabytes of sport games!" Oh yay!

This appears to be a collection of sport games. I thought it was a good buy at $2 (the original tag is still on there at $5) from the Salvos years ago. Considering I don't even like sports games I'm surprised I even bought it at all.
The thing that bothers me though is that all the games on there are in fact demos. Why would someone pay $5 for a disk of demos?

The disk graphics are as stylish as the cover...

Not only are the games demos, they're demos of games I've mostly never even heard of.

A closer look...

Following the website address on the back which apparently lead to a 'Cybermall' lead nowhere.
I have no idea when this disk came out but there were some good indicators by looking into franchises I've heard of on the back case. For example there was a demo of NBA Live '95 and Indycar Racing 2 (which also came out in 1995).

The next thing I found was another demo disk (two actually). This time for an Australian magazine called PC PowerPlay, which is actually still going. It probably cost me, I dunno 50 cents? I got it from some markets years ago and have probably put them into a computer about once each.
I can't help but wonder why I bought this when I could have easily bought a brand new issue. Hell this didn't even come with the actual magazine!

There are actually some decent game on there, but of course I always prefer the full versions.

A better look at the 'Utilities.' Doesn't say which version of Adobe Acrobat is on there, hazard a guess its the first one.

Here is none other than the BEST EVER GAME DEMOS disk.

I'm not going to lie, I have no idea when this came out. I do know that it was from issue #28. Other clues include a small message that says "Most game require Win95" and as you can see one of the programs in the Utilities section of the first disk is called IFOX 98. No idea if that is referring to the actual year or not though.

Last but not least... Duke Nukem 3D!!!

"Prepare Yourself for Total Meltdown!"
I think I bought this from a Pawn shop for about 50 cents. I had some change in my wallet so I thought, "hell why not?"
I'm happy I did because I had a blast playing it. I Forgot it was even there in that leaning tower of PC disks.

The back includes ads for other awesome games such as Oddworld, Hexen, Quake, Mortal Kombat 3 and Final Doom.

The disk was in fairly good condition besides from a few scratches, it worked though and since it was only small change it didn't bother me all that much.
By the way those 'bonus games' on there were only demos as well. So much deceit...

The original owner even left some nice decorative art on the booklet for me to admire.


  1. i have been looking for any trace of those pcpp demo cds for ages! thank you so much!
    the overload of nostalgia almost brought a tear to my eye.