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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Younger Me Was A Dumbass!

Oh the humanity!

Just look at that picture! Enough said right? NO! Time to rant about myself!
What was I thinking? This poor PSone was my first ever commercial TV console yet I pulled it apart. Why would I do that?
Okay, the story goes like this; Years ago I had been playing my PSone (and I really mean years ago. I was still in primary school) and I had left it out in the lounge room, literally sitting there right in the middle of the room. I was young and obviously didn't think much, but needless to say my little sister (who was a toddler at the time) walked in and tripped over it. This didn't total it but broke the disk case off. A bit of Blu-tack would fix this and everything would be merry again.
Fast forward a few years and I have a PS2 which is now used for any PS1 gaming, the still fairly good PS1 is in its box in storage.

I was always a curious kid, whenever I had an electronic that broke I would instantly pull it apart and see its insides. I never really understood what I was looking at, but I thought it was cool none the less.
One fatal day I decided to dissect my innocent PS1. The plastic pretty much sealed it in so I had to break the casing, which meant no going back. I pretty much regretted doing it as soon as I had finished it, stuffing the pieces back into the box and never throwing it out. I was, and still am so attached to it. Its one of the main things that reminds me of my childhood and throwing it out would just be too hard. Its hard to imagine how I even managed to get myself to pull it apart in the first place.

The other day I pulled it out again and took some pictures so everyone else can bask in my younger self's stupidity...

Its still good! Its still good!

Even the controller wasn't safe from my savage younger self!

A detailed reconstruction.

Looking at all the internal parts, if I hooked them all up they would probably still work. I never broke any of the circuit boards. Having said that though they have been sitting unprotected in a box for years. I would probably end up setting myself on fire.

The original box. 
Came with some Disney games, lucky me.

I Also found the original Kmart brochure for it, it doesn't have the same Disney deal in though. I remember me and my Dad went down going off the brochure and had to pay more for this bundle instead. The service to this day there still sucks.

So if its one thing to learn from my sob story, never pull apart a perfectly good console! You may later come a retro games nut like me and regret it. 
I can still play all my PS1 games on either my PS2 or my PS3 but there is nothing I crave more than on a PS1. Even more so on the original console that I grew up with! 

After taking picture of it for this blog, I decided to give it a new lease on life and it now acts as a piece of 'decoration' on my computer desk.

People will probably think I'm weird for using a broken console as a piece of decoration, but its a huge childhood object for me. Plus people already think I'm weird.


  1. I'm sprised you had to break that plastic casing in order to dismantle it. Are you sure there's no way to put it back together, if the companant's still work that is.

  2. Well there you go. I put it back together in its bare bones form and it still works! It was great to hear that intro music again.
    My next task will be to try and fix the casing, not too much is broken but enough so its a pain in the ass to piece back together. I may even try the controller as well.
    If I'm successful I'll update in another blog post.

  3. It's quite funny that it still works. I'd love to see it when it's all put back together. Perhaps you can just use some parcel tape, for comedic effect.

  4. people would call you a idiot for not just putting it back together.