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Sunday, May 1, 2011

PS2 On The Cheap

While not strictly retro, the PlayStation 2 is getting old. Give it another five years or so and we'll probably be classifying it as retro. Its at that stage now were it is transitioning.
So having said that, prices for the games right now are quite low. You can expect to pay less than $20 brand new and about $5 and lower for per-loved.

Yesterday I went to a local pawn shop and bought three PS2 games for $5 each.

Flash glare FTW
They were:
-Intellivsion Lives- complete
-Max Payne- complete
-Half Life- missing manual

I haven't tried any of them out yet but I had a quick glance at the disks and I couldn't see any scratches or marks.
I also bought a PS1 memory card because all of my other ones have seemed to screw themselves over simultaneously.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any Sony ones but this one had Ridge Racer stickers on it, so why not?

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