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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Retro Scan: Hi-Octane (Sega Saturn)

It's amazing finding out about games while posting this section of Retro Game On. I knew absolutely nothing about Hi-Octane until after I'd scanned it (from that Saturn+ magazine I picked up a few months ago) and then Googled around... so I'd have something to write here. I admit I knew nothing about this game until this post just now, but hey, now I get to learn and so do you.

According to my sources (yes, Wikipedia) Hi-Octane was developed in just eight weeks to fill up a hole in revenue. Pretty impressive I must say, and it makes me want to play it if I come across the PSone version because I still don't own a Saturn.
Ultimately, this game didn't stand up to the likes of Wipeout and disappeared into obscurity until now to be posted on this insanely famous retro blog. Ohh yeah! This game is guaranteed a re-boot now!

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