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Monday, January 27, 2014

One Day I'll Build A Castle...

...out of Atari cartridges. They're so fun to stack.
I say that, but I've been having a terrible time getting my grubby hands on these wonderful black boxes. I've been outbid several times on eBay, always at the very last second. I'm not using that phrase lightly either, I literally mean the very last second. Turns out it's pretty hard to shark someone when you're bidding from a mobile phone.
I've also I had some bad luck with Gumtree. There was a fantastic deal of about ten games for $130, which I whittled down to $70. I had the cash in-hand and everything, but the bastard never told me his address after repeatedly asking him on the day I was meant to pick them up. I guess some other sucker offered to pay more.
Finally though, I won a bid on eBay for the above games. How much were they you probably weren't wondering? $35. Bargain. It even came with some instruction manuals:

A deal I'm quite satisfied with, but it's missing one game. A game I really wanted. I wanted it so badly, that I just ended up buying it separately, even though they're terribly valued by themselves. The game is so bad, it's good, and I can't wait to play it. Watch this space.

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