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Monday, June 11, 2012

Something Kinda Sorta Related

Since I won't shut up about my new camera on my other blog, I thought I mind as well carry on the mindless dribble to this one.
I've spent a bit too much time over at The Photo Extremest (sometimes instead of eating) and I'm trying my hand at certain photographic techniques. For instance this one involves retro goodlyness, so I thought I mind as well post it here:

We were all too lazy to clean the room up a bit more.
As you can see I'm winning and being a jerk about it. Me's thinks I'm an asshole.
I wonder what I'm playing? Probably THPS2, I kick ass at that on N64 and I will beat you... and then proceed to be a dick about it.  


  1. It's funny you should post this now. I work for Canon's customer service, but for the last 8 months I have specialised in printers. This week I'm being trained on cameras and playing around with the 5D's and the 1D's is a lot of fun, even if it's really confusing at first.

    We did a similar experiment to this one, where we used a 8-second shutter in dark conditions, moving off-frame four seconds in, leaving a ghostly image of ourselves behind.

  2. Sounds like an awesome job! I agree with the shutter settings being fun as well, I recently bought myself a tripod and have been messing around with heaps of techniques like that.