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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Operation 'Console Shelf' Has Been Delayed...

Why you ask? Because of this bastard:

Everytime I'm free, and actually want to work on this thing, it's always pissing down. Always.
Take for instance today. I'm home, and don't have really anything else to do and that's what the sky currently looks like. There is a puddle the size of Tasmania in my driveway, and everything else is wet. It wasn't raining when I took that picture of course, but as soon as I set everything up, I bet it will. Weather hates me, and I hate it. Usually I love the rain, but then again I'm not really an outside person and I wouldn't usually give two shits about what's happening out in the wilderness. When I actually do want to go outside and do stuff, it messes with me. It's like an immature child.
Over that everytime I look outside I see this, looking sad and neglected:

Here is a check-list of what I've done and what is yet to be done (with comical ticks and crosses!):

✔Initial planning
✔Designing woodwork sheets
✔Purchasing materials
✔Marking wood
✔Cutting wood
✘ Sanding the wood
✘ Assembling the wood
✘ Applying varnish

One other thing that was stopping me from the next step was a working sander. I now have one, and that is currently also looking sad and neglected on the table next to the cut wood. What an overall sad sight.
I will get this done soon, I promise. But right now Mother Nature is being cruel. Once she sorts her self out, operation 'Console Shelf' can be a go once again. 

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  1. Hi mate,

    Sorry to hear about the awful weather. Let's hope it will be better soon or else you must find a neat way to trick the weather gods. ;)