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Friday, June 15, 2012

Max Payne Released For Android

Today there was happiness, laughter and dancing in the street as Max Payne was released for Android. Being the Rockstar fanboy I am (just check the games section of this blog to see my GTA collection) I pounced right on this since it actually works on my phone. Plus it being only $3 didn't hurt my wallet in the slightest for a classic such as this.

Hopefully they release the sequel soon as I doubt it will take me very long to beat it. 
I adore the shit out of this game; I literally fan gasm'd when I read it had been released. As I said it even works on my phone, being that it only runs on a single core I find it quite impressive really.
There isn't too much lag (compared to GTA 3 for Android anyway) and the touch controls are actually quite solid. Having said that though you can connect an external controller if you have fat fingers, but I feel this kind of spoils the portable idea. You mind as well just play it on PS2.

Either way I'm quite impressed by this port and feel that Rockstar need to give themselves a pat on their back. You can't go wrong for $3, especially when it's a game of this magnitude.

[Max Payne for Android]

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