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Monday, January 9, 2012

This is a good sign...

I may not have any games for my two Famicom's yet, but it just hit me how I could figure out if it was at least turning on. See; unlike my Super Famicom, it has no indication light to tell me if it's on or not. That's how I figured out my SF was at least turning on, which led me to buying a game for it

This morning I was lovely admiring my collection (like you do) and I decided to have a bit more of a closer look at the joystick pad which I have for the Famicom's. On closer inspection, I noticed that it indeed has a few LED lights on it's self. Huh, didn't notice that before.
I plugged the better looking condition Famicom in, then the pad into the expansion port and then turned it on. Nothing happened. Ah well, I thought to myself. Mind as well have a bit of a play around while its all connected up. To my surprise if I released and then let go of the ejection slider thingy, the lights would light up if I pressed a button.

So much talk about LED's in this blog recently. 
I don't know what the cart ejector has to do with anything, but I figured out I only have to do it once after I plugged it in for the joystick pad to work continually. 
Not so surprisingly, my other Famicom didn't seem to respond. The fact that the reset button is stuck down might have something to do with it though.

This has pushed me to do the same thing for which I have done with my SF, which is to buy a cheap test game. I will choose something like Gradius 3 (which I bought for the SF). It was a cheap reliable game which is also fun. This also means that if it does work, I will at least have something fun to play. 

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