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Sunday, January 29, 2012

GTA 3 On Ma Phone

Last year I blogged about Grand Theft Auto 3 being ported to Android and IOS devices. I was a little peeved as my Android Motorola Defy+ wasn't on the supported list, and I wasn't sure if I should risk the $5 to see if it worked. Well, the other day my curiosity got the better of me and I decided that instead of buying junk food or shitty GBA games, I would risk it for the $5.

A terribly focused picture because I'm a terrible person. 
After downloading the 8mb game from the Android store, and then another 400mb update (I knew the size didn't make sense originally) I was playing. It works! Although the frame rate sometimes leaves a little bit more to be desired.
While it is playable, sometimes random slowdown can happen. Not bad though considering my phone isn't officially supported. For all I know I could of just got a black screen on launch, I certainly don't feel as if I've wasted that $5.
So is it any good? Well yeah, I reckon so. The touch controls can get a bit of getting use to, but that's the beauty of it... they can get used to! Considering Rockstar only had a small space to work with touch screen control wise, I think they did quite well. The driving is excellent, but the shooting isn't as good. Not bad though, but it can get frustrating sometimes.
All in all, I'm quite impressed as there is no other games to my knowledge where you can kill hookers while on the train!

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