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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Retro Scan: Official Sony PlayStation One Memory Card Advert

Many an apology for the lack of posts these last couple of weeks, I've been tied up with TAFE work as I'm nearing the end of the term. Fret not though, as I get the whole of next week off. I hope to use that time to catch up on some gaming and I would also like to write up some articles for this blog.

In the mean time though, have this retro scan.
It's an advert for an official PSone memory card. We all know that you need to track down the official cards as the after market ones tend to be pieces of crap.
After years of PS gaming, I've only recently tracked down an official one myself. I wish I did this years ago as I would probably still have all my old game saves from my childhood. The only good reason to go after marker is if you want something bigger than 1MB.

This is scanned out of The Official Australian PlayStation Magazine, issue 31. Clicky for higher resolution.

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