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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I forgot to take a before shot but it was really only this minus the rumbles. 
It was such a nice day outside today and I didn't have anything better to do, so I decided to finally solder on those rumbles that I said I would ages ago when I put my Dualshock 1 back together.
It was a simple job. I just had to suck up the old solder, put a new batch back down and then solder the two wires on each rumble to the circuit board. From there I simply reassembled it, and screwed it back together. Too easy.

It was such a nice feeling to start up an arcade session of Grand Turismo 2, and feel the vibration as I purposely hit all the other cars for the first time since I originally put the controller back together about a month ago. It makes me more confident to keep trying at my Sega Game Gear project, which has been disappointment after disappointment after disappointment.
Either my soldering skills have gotten better (I'm still a noob really) or this was just an easy solder job. I would like to think it's the first choice though. :P


  1. I think we both are at a similar skill level on soldering. I started to learn while pad hacking some fight pads to make arcade sticks. Practice and practice and you will get there in no time.

    Clean up ya controller man, get some cotton swabs on it and whatnot.

  2. Good idea, I don't think I've ever cleaned it in the ten or so years I've owned it.