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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dualshock 3 being a shit stain? Spend $2

You may or may not remember, but a couple of posts ago I mentioned that the thumbsticks on my white Dualshock 3 needed to be replaced.
The rubber on one had actually fallen off, leaving only a skeleton of it's former self. This rendered it fairly uncomfortable to play with so I decided to look into how to fix it.
Originally I thought that I could just slip on another rubber (stop being childish), but it turns out I needed to replace the whole damn thumbstick. I bought two replacements off eBay for a whooping $2. Once I received them I went to work on changing them over, photographing as I went...

The thumbstick on the left is the perpetrator, it actually caused some damage to the inner rim as you can see.

The brand new thumbsticks, before they were introduced to their new home.

Taking the screws out of the Dualshock 3.

Huzzah! The Dualshock is open. Time to get under that circuit board so I can get to the thumbsticks.

The guts strewn everywhere.

The new thumbsticks are inserted and the the Dualshock is put back together. Reassembling it was a bit of a bitch though, as the R2 buttons liked to fall off. 

The old thumbsticks... gone... but not forgotten...

All in all I'm quite happy with this little project, I feel as if it went quite well. I've given it several different play sessions since and the thumbsticks seem to be holding up quite well.
Total repair bill? $2. I saw some other people complaining about this on forums and some of them even said that they just simply bought another one. Suckers. 


  1. Nice work mate!! You're really getting into this console repair thing of late, it's good to see :)

  2. Thanks! All I have to do now it fix that damn Game Gear.

  3. your thumbsticks seem to be a lot deeper than mine, I just recently got a 500 gig Super Slim PS3 and I noticed the edges of the sticks are a lot sharper than the ones on my PS2.

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