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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hardware Review: Handy Power by Joyplus For Sega Game Gear

I bought this hunk of crap along with all that other Game Gear stuff I scored back in June.
A glamour shot for the lulz
Keep in mind though, when I say its a hunk of crap I mean its a hunk of crap now. Fifteen years ago it might of been totally great, awesome and spectacular. I would never know though so I'm going to be an ignorant fool and be harsh about it.

The premises for this device is actually quite a good one. Anyone in the know about Game Gears knows that it chews through batteries like a Biggest Loser contestant who just jumped the fence and found the nearest Macca's.
The idea is that you charge it up by plugging it into a Game Gear wall charger and then once it's charged up you clip it on your belt and go along your merry way. Quite a good idea since there really is no alternative to playing a GG on the go unless you invest a fortune in batteries, or get separate rechargeable batteries.

My problem is that since its so old that the case is yellowing, the inbuilt rechargeable batteries are next to useless now. You can't charge it for more than twenty minutes without it getting red hot and possibly catching on fire or exploding. I want neither of those things to happen so I think I will just let it be.
Since I don't use it I shouldn't be fazed but they're is yet another problem. The cable that attaches it to the GG is shoddy as, move it a mill in a direction it doesn't want to go in and it cuts the power and resets the GG.
What a pain in the arse, I hate it.
Luckily the GG isn't the most mobile game machine ever so I don't think this problem will bother me too much. I just have to fix the damn Game Gear now.

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