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Friday, July 15, 2011

Another One To Add To The Collection...

Yes, I know. I already have a PlayStation. It does work, but it's kind of resting in peace(s).
My quest for this PS1 started about a week ago. It started off in a thrift shop that won't be named. Needless to say I've bought plenty of stuff there before (a lot of retro stuff mind you) and it's all been fine. I bought a PS1 in which they told me was in perfect working order. Needless to say I brought it home and it wouldn't display properly on a TV. A couple of video cables and three TV's later I decided it was a dud. Usually I would have a crack at fixing it like this Sega Game Gear but since it came with a 40 day warranty I decided to just return it.
They didn't have another one but luckily another thrift shop next door did, which works! :D After eight years or so I can finally play my PS1 collection on a fine working console.

Also talking of Game Gears, restoration work has began. Here's a teaser picture...


  1. There is no such word as "Brang" Love your blog but the word is "brought"

  2. Ah, how embarrassing.
    I try to re-read my blog on average about 400 times before I post but they're is always some sort of juvenile shit that gets through. Thanks for the correction.