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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hardware Review: Futuretronics 4MB Memory Card for PlayStation One

Memory cards are an essential, although annoying part of playing a PS1. Back in the day you always had the problem of running out of space on your merer 1MB Sony memory cards. It simply wasn't enough, I always had to delete old saves in order to make way for saves of new games. 
We all know that only un-manly men deleted game saves, so what were we do to? Buy a new one? Play an actual sport? Ew! Screw that!
No, we used our noggins and bought a 4MB memory card! It's four memory cards in one! Brilliant!

PlayStation not included.
I'm not really a fan of buying after market accessories but to my knowledge, no official Sony ones were ever made. This one still seems to work though, so bravo Futuretronics!
Futurtronics was and still is an Australian after market accessory company. They seemed to do the right thing with this but it should be noted that I have another memory card made by them that no longer works and a controller that has a broken up button. Ah well, at least they got this right. I dunno what I would have done otherwise. 

The design is sleek. There are four LED's, each represent 1MB of the card. You choose between them by holding down Select and either L1 or R2 to scroll. A weird combination, but its one that doesn't really effect any game controls I guess.
All in all, a great piece of hardware. A mostly essential one as well!



  1. I've always been big on only getting official memory cards, but that doesn't mean I haven't dipped my toes in the 3rd party waters every once in a while. I've used a Pro Action Replay 4-in-1 multicart on my Saturn for years that's worked well (it's murdered my Saturn's cart slot, though!), and when there was the VMU shortage on the Dreamcast at launch I grabbed a Pelican-brand memory card. It worked for two weeks then died, losing my precious Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur save data. Thankfully, by that point official VMUs were available, so I got a refund and put the money towards an official unit.

  2. Yeah after market hardware sucks, if there was a Sony version of this I would definitely buy it.