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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Retro Game On: Le French Edition

Sorry about the absence of posts this last month or so, I've been on a Family holiday abroad. Travelling around kind of makes it hard to play and review game you see. I only have a DS with a Pokemon game with me plus a Laptop, my retro related focus right now is on finding European bargains. It wasn't going so well until today though.
I'm currently in France, beforehand I was in Bali which was usuless for that kind of thing. From there we wen't to Paris for a few nights so I didn't get the chance to see a retro store I was planning on visiting, right now I'm in the French country side.
This morning I went to some Saturday markets in a town called Saint-Lo. We arrived kinda late (11am late) so I didn't have much hope in finding anything. But among all the markets trying to sell you fake Ray Bans I found a little stall that was selling second hand PS2, PS3, Wii and DS games. Among the millions of sports games I picked up Crazy Taxi for the PS2 for 5 Euros.

I do have it on Dreamcast, but that copy has come down with a bad case of not working

A very sun bleached picture of the stand

The guy that ran the stand was nice, although I couldn't understand him and he couldn't understand me. I think we had an in depth conversation about Assassin's Creed though, I'm not entirely sure.
I couldn't find any other stands with games but I happened to come across Wipeout Pulse for the PS2 for 5 Euro's as well while in a supermarket buying beer. Its brand new, shrink rapped so for 5 bucks I certianly can't complain.

Like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction said, its the little things in Europe. In Australia you can't go into a supermarket and buy either booze or video games, so to me that's very cool. 
I'll be travelling around the French country side a bit more for a few more weeks so hopefully I can find some markets full of retro gaming goodlyness. After that I'm going to Dubai, not too hopeful for there but lots of cheap DVD's apparently :D                                                                    

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