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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Update 26/6/2011

You may or may not have noticed the new section of my blog to your right called "Retro Related Blogs" (below the Archive).
I decided to add these after mine was added to an awesome blog called "Gaming Through The Ages." Apparently his blog had an influx in views which led to a few more than usual on mine. I wanted to return the favor as well and add more retro gaming blogs that I regularly read. Please check them out as they fit my description of awesomness, I've even made it so they're in order of most recent post. This way I feel you don't have to worry about clicking on a blog that hasn't been updated in months.
If you look closely you may even see a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with retro gaming but is in fact another one I run. This is just a rumor though, don't believe everything you hear.

You also may or may not notice what this new addition replaces. There use to be ads there, yes, the devil.
I decided to get rid of them for two reasons. One, they were generating next to nothing revenue. And two, I felt bad having them there when this blog costs me absolutely nothing to run and they just take up room where something more useful could be (ala this new addition). Over that they're butt ugly as well.

So yeah, that's that. Enjoy!

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