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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fear & Loathing In Neuvic

Neuvic is actually a really nice French town, I’ve just always wanted to use that saying in a blog post title. I was staying in a village near there and went to a swap meet there last Sunday.
I probably got the best haul there yet for me. 

Shoe box full of games good! This will add some weight to my suitcase.
First off, and in my opinion best of, was this Sega Game Gear bundle.

It came with the Game Gear its self, 7 games, a wall recharger and also a battery pack which you can recharge and then clip on your belt to play on the move (as if I could fit the Game Gear in my pocket anyway).
All the games came in protective plastic cases and all the instruction manuals are there except for Super Space Invaders. Lets face it though, Space Invaders doesn’t need instructions.
All this for 15 Euros as well.
The games worked perfectly after a bit of old school dust blowing but the screen on the GG is showing its age. First off you can only play from an angle if you want to see the screen clearly. I knew this from the start though as they guy I bought it off was kind enough to let me plug it in and test it before I bought it (he said he hadn’t played it himself since he was a kid). Figuring it was a bargain without the GG I bought it on the spot, even after the conversion its still only about $20 Australian.
Unfortunately the problem with the screen gets worse after about 10 minutes of playing, it turns into a snow storm of disappointment. The games run fine though and they’re extremely fun (besides from that Mcdonald’s game though, that’s just one long advertisement).
When I get home I’m going to track down a cable so I can play it on a TV, the games are just too fun to let them go unplayed. [EDIT] Whoops, turns out there isn't such a thing as that. Looks like I'll either have to buy another one or attempt to fix this one. That could be interesting.

Next up was the Game Boy game F1 Race. I don’t even know if this is any good, I just want to play some other racing game on my GBC other than Le Mans 24 Hour.
F1 Race was a ball busting 1 Euro.

Also for 1 Euro each was the notoriously bad Hugo and the hopefully better Metal of Honour: Resistance for PSone. Considering that its Platinum gives me hope.
Don’t ask me why I bought Hugo, I guess I just want to write a review where I can endlessly whine.

Last but not least is Assassin’s Creed 2 for 10 Euro’s (in as new condition as well!)
I have the first one and Brotherhood but I borrowed number 2 off a friend when I played it originally. It’s a great game which I’ll probably play again. Also it’s a collectors urge to seal a series I guess.

So all in all a good morning, such a good haul pushes me to want to go to more swap meets when I’m back in the Motherland.
One good thing about the French is that they like to sleep in a little. I turned up to this particular swap meet at about 8.30 and some stalls were still setting up, at that time there also wasn’t that many people roaming about. By about 11 when I left the place was crowded with bargain hunters, good thing I turned up early to their standards. Early at a swap meet in Aus means 7am D:

Other gems I saw but couldn’t buy included a boxed Sega Mega Drive. The MD has been on my to buy list for years and I’m sure it was quite cheap. No point in bothering about it though, I probably wouldn’t be able to fit it in my suitcase. My heart nearly broke when I saw some other happy chappy walking off with it, but we must all move on.
Everything else retro wise was pretty samey, a PS2 or a Gamecube every now and again. Saw some Saturn games at one point but no console, good thing that really because my heart can only break so much.
Another thing I think I should mention that isn’t game related that I saw was a World War 2 German field phone. Now I’m by no means a Nazi supporter but I think that would be an awesome thing to own. You would never see anything like that in Aus and if you did it would sell as quick as [insert shitty crude joke here].

Anyway that’s all for now folks. If I see anything else I’ll keep you informed but if not I’ll start posting regularly again when I get home. Then I can finally play and review some of these games!

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