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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Video: NES Classic Edition Review

While this is a particularly hard item to buy right now, I was lucky enough to know someone who snagged one on launch day. He let me spend the afternoon with it, filming and recording footage, and this is the review that resulted (thanks, Jakob)!

For those not in the know, the NES Classic Edition (also referred to as the NES Mini) is a brand-new plug and play console based on the NES as the name would suggest. This is no standard plug and play, however, since Nintendo themselves are the manufacturer!

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  1. Thanks for a good review of the new NES. I agree with you concerning the length of the controller cable. Strange choice. As for being stuck with the built-in games, you are right when you say that they are looking for a wide audience for this machine. Most people who are not deeply into retro gaming will probably be perfectly happy with this setup. Anyway, I see them having gone for insanely high prices on eBay.. guess many people want to give them away as Christmas presents, don't you think? :)