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Friday, November 18, 2016

Retro Scan: Spyro the Dragon Has No Friends (PSone)

While I don't think that this advert means to insinuate that Spyro has no friends, it sure makes you feel sorry for the little tucker at first glance. This was scanned from issue 16 of the Official Australian PlayStation Magazine (which I recently found in an op-shop and posted on my Facebook and Twitter), and really, I don't think Spyro needs any further introduction. It's Spyro! Although Sparx does look a bit odd, I must admit.

This was actually one of my very first video reviews (#8 if counting from what I consider the official start of RGO's YouTube - Super Strike Eagle). If you want to see that, you can find it here. Be warned, though, it's pretty cringy. It is three years old after all, but I still couldn't watch all of it personally.

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