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Monday, September 15, 2014

Retro Scan: Mastertronic's Promotional Pamphlet (Circa 1989)

When was the last time I did a retro scan? Who knows? Hm.
Death to original content! Let's post scans instead!

Today we're taking a peep at a promotional pamphlet that came with my copy of T-Bird, which was a budget game released for the Atari ST.
This pamphlet is plastered with "Mastertronic" and "16 Blitz" logos, very much like the T-Bird case. Although Mastertronic was known as a distributor out of the UK that eventually was absorbed by SEGA, I've been able to find no mention of 16 Blitz. I first assumed it was a developer that created all the games in this pamphlet, but there are obvious problems with this assumption. For example, the pamphlet talks about Little Computer People, yet that was developed by Activision. My other idea is that it was simply a series of games released by Mastertronic, and that was just the name of the series to spice things up. Ultimately I may never know sadly, unless a helpful internet commentator changes that.

Click on the images for a closer look

The whole thing folds out, but you're first greeted with this masterpiece of modern design as the front cover:

I dig all the clich├ęs here to do with electronics in the late 80's; Polygons! Warpness! Electrodes! All for the fantastic price of £4.99! Too bad that's still like $47656 AUD.

Opening up the pamphlet and you're greeted with more warpness and polygons, but sadly no more electrodes:

On the very left is a list detailing what's available for what. It seems as far as Mastertronic is concerned, Amiga and Atari ST are the way to go but IBM can go and get stuffed.
Listed below that is a phone number that could be called letting you know about availability. I always found that cool; internet be damned, you actually have to call and talk to someone about ordering a product. It's good to know there was a retail outlet for social recluses pre-internet though. I like to know I would survive in such a world.
Moving across the page and there are plenty of descriptions and screenshots about the budget games they are trying to sell. Do any look familiar to you?

Flipping over and there are three more pages of the same thing:

On the last page they talk about T-Bird, but there are a few other titles you might recognise as well. It's cool it's all in full colour as well.

While there is no date listed on the pamphlet its self, there is a tiny copyright statement on the T-Birds case for 1989. It's hard to think that the piece of paper is 25 years old, but here it is internet; don't forget about it. That's what this retro scan section is all about after all.

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