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Monday, July 21, 2014

Shenmue II

Previously I posted about the original Shenmue, so I guess it's apt to post that I bought the sequel. Did I pay $80 for it this time though? Hell no! I'm no longer a dweeb... I'm more of a fiend these days more than anything.
It's amazing how it's always the least conspicuous places that have the most fantastic finds. This was bought from an op-shop that I'd only been to two times before (one time in pyjama pants, fun day), which is weird in a way considering how close it is to me. All the op-shops and pawn stores close to me have been picked clean by yours truly over my three year collecting career, so it's weird that I hardly go to this shop.

It's an independent like all great op-shops, so the prices are lower than onions. I bought Shenmue II on Xbox, including the DVD and the instruction manual for $3. I also bought a few others for the same price (which I'll get to in a minute) but hot damn, what a bargain. This is a game I've seriously been contemplating buying from eBay for a while now, just because I wanted to play it so much. I'm not a huge fan of buying games on eBay as long as op-shops still keep stocking them, but I very nearly did. It's been a couple of years since I played the original, so the want has been building. It isn't that expensive online, ranging from $20 to $30, but it feels like a victory none the less.

I would of very much liked the sequel on Dreamcast since that's what I played the original on (of course), but hey, I'm not complaining. I have the game now. I've even set my Xbox up in my bedroom hooked up to my widescreen away from the games room so I can accomplish the complete lazing around in my underwear experience this game deserves. It's a big game after all, the type you play until three in the morning.
I've been squeezing in about five hours a week so far, which is a lot less than it deserves, but unfortunately life has to continue smoothly no matter how great a game is. So far, I'm up to Kowloon so I am getting there, although I'm a bit afraid of finishing it. This game famously never had a third title, and the game has been left in limbo ever since. I guess once I do though, I can start being angry about it like the rest of the internet.

While I'm talking about games I've bought, I mind as well talk about games I've bought. And yes, I know; that last sentence is amazing writing on my behalf.
This is all I've claimed since the last time I touched on the topic:

Both those Xbox games were bought from the same op-shop, both three dollars each also. Red Dead Revolver has been a game I've been after for a while in particular too since I've sunk so much of my life into Red Dead Redemption.
The rest is a mixed bag; there are a few games that I bought just because they looked amazingly shit but a few actually look great.
Shit games are great, I've bought so many recently that it's almost getting embarrassing to look at my collection in general. I don't care though, they're fun to make videos about. Those nuggets of turd include Truck Racing on the PSone ($3) and Hot Wheel Extreme Racing also on the PSone ($5) which has alarmingly good graphics and sound design. Although Truck Racing is a whole different ball game; the menus look like they were made in Power Point.
Soviet Strike and V-Rally both on PSone were particularly awesome acquisitions since I didn't pay a penny for those, my awesome as shit girlfriend bought me those while out and about. Not only are they great games, they feel even greater because they're free. She paid five dollars each for those.
I paid more than usual for Syphon Filter 2 coming in at $10 but it was there, complete, and I just couldn't resist. I've been feeling like that sort of game recently, I played the demo heaps when I was a youngin.
Also in there is Actua Tennis for PSone for $5. I don't know why, but I just really love tennis games; I can't explain it. As a general rule, I dislike sports games quite a lot.
Lastly, I bought the original GTA on PC for $3, because... why not? I do own it on PSone also, but for that price I just couldn't resist.  

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