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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Retro Scan: c1995 Dick Smith PC Advert

Following on from that Harvey Norman scan I posted a little while ago, here's a scan from it's major competitor (at the time anyway), Dick Smith!
Sadly, Dick Smith isn't doing so well these days having gone into receivership and all - but putting aside the negative aspect of this business in its current state I think it's important to remember just what a fantastic company it used to be. I always loved going to my local Dick Smith as a young boy; so much so, in fact, that it eventually led to me working there for four years! Those days are behind me now and sadly so are the glory days of DSE, but it left a legacy which I think is important to remember.

Taking a look at this particular advert, we're shown the 'Computer Easy Customer Care Plan'. This offers such incentives to get into computing such as free installation, free training and a whole heap of other cool stuff (like 12 months of free bulletin board access).
A lot of the popular brands at the time are mentioned too, such as IBM, Compaq, HP, Microsoft and DSX. I googled around and wasn't able to find much about DSX, but I'm assuming it's a part of Dick Smith's home brand considering the use of DS. Who knows, though, that just could be a coincidence.

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